Aberdeen Asset Management PLC completed its acquisition of Advance Emerging Capital Limited on 29 December 2015, note the entity changed name to Aberdeen Emerging Capital Limited on completion. This is a UK regulated entity and the FCA has been notified.

Founded by ex-Bank of England Pension Fund Manager Nigel Wilson, Aberdeen Emerging Capital has managed portfolios in emerging markets since 1998 and in frontier markets since 2005. At present, the group manages a total of $633mn, with its two largest clients both being London Stock Exchange listed investment companies, namely Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Comapny and Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Company. The Investment Team also manages a number of bespoke segregated accounts and open ended funds.

The Company’s Investment Team is composed of 5 senior investment professionals with over 100 years of combined investment experience, majority of which is in emerging and frontier markets.

It is the firm belief of the investment team that a value-oriented investment philosophy will deliver superior returns for investors over the long term with lower levels of risk.

Over the last 16 years, the Aberdeen Emerging Capital team has developed an investment process that aims to construct portfolios consistent with this investment philosophy. The process targets three sources of alpha generation:

  • Asset Allocation: Identifying those markets that offer an attractive combination of risk and reward.
  • Manager Selection: Identifying talented managers around the world that we believe have a competitive edge in the active selection of companies within their chosen markets
  • Discount Opportunities:  Identifying attractive assets trading at a discount to net asset value from a universe of predominantly UK and US listed closed end funds. 
Portfolios are constructed to give our clients exposure to what we believe are the most attractive investments in the most attractive markets. They reflect conviction in our best ideas and will usually be biased towards smaller and mid sized companies, where pricing inefficiencies tend to be more prevalent.

Aberdeen Emerging Capital is dedicated to being accessible, transparent and flexible in working with existing and prospective clients.